Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Not all soot from a fire is the same.

Removing soot after a fire may not be as easy as you might think. Where as natural fires are the easiest to remove soot from, for example wood or paper, most f... READ MORE

Damage from a Fire sometimes can't be seen.

I bet you might be thinking; I see no difference in the before or after pictures, right? Well if those pictures could be like a scratch and sniff picture you s... READ MORE

Odor from a Fire; you need more than a spray.

When you look at these two pictures I bet you don't see a big difference. I can you for the owners it was. They could barely stand being in their kitchen as wel... READ MORE

It's not always the flames from a fire that do the damage.

Check out the photos . The heat from a fire in that stared in the fireplace disposal shoot damaged the bathroom. You can see how it melted the counter top. SERV... READ MORE

Yuck, Fire Extinguisher Dust. Is it safe to clean up?

There are several types of fire extinguishers. Some you can clean up yourself, some you really shouldn't. If you use a dry chemical extinguisher it's recommend... READ MORE

Hoarders Face Fire Damage

Hoarding is already a difficult issue to face, not only as a home owner, but as a mitigator. Add a fire into the mix, and it might feel like returning the space... READ MORE