Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Winds, cold, and freezing temperatures can sure equal damage.

We get ready for a storm or so we think. Did we check the insulation? Did we check the sub pump; is it working? What happens if we lose power during a storm? Do... READ MORE

There are all kinds of damage from a Wind Storm.

I know most people think of a wind storm and they think the damage is , trees down, shutters flying off the house etc. But all kinds of damage can happen in a w... READ MORE

Storms never happen at a good time!

Can you imagine getting your dream house build and a storm comes in and damages it before it's even finished? It happens. Storms don't wait for a good time to h... READ MORE

"Rain, rain go way", if we could only sing the rain away.

This owner didn't realize the was rain seeping in through cracks in his flooring until, "squish" went the carpet downstairs. Rain will find a way in your house ... READ MORE

Storm Water isn't like your tap water.

This business is located near a harbor. What happens when the water gets too much, you guessed it over flows the docks. Businesses try to do the best the... READ MORE

Clogged and Waterlogged? We're Here to Help

This storm drain clog caused water to back up and flood into a home. We arrived on scene with the standing water still rising. Our team located the source of th... READ MORE