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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Mold Loves to Hide, But We Love to Seek

Mold loves to hide, but we are expert seekers! Our team was called to the scene to handle some necessary mold remediation. As you know, our crews are trained to... READ MORE

Clogged and Waterlogged? We're Here to Help

This storm drain clog caused water to back up and flood into a home. We arrived on scene with the standing water still rising. Our team located the source of th... READ MORE

Fridge Supply Leak in Baltimore? Not Cool!

If you have a refrigerator, odds are that your refrigerator has a supply line. This line is prone to leaking. This leak can be a slow drip, or it can cause quit... READ MORE

Mold Can Creep Through Closed Doors

Doors keep us confident that we're keeping the outside, well...out. Unfortunately, it's pretty simple for moisture to get caught in the threshold, and thus mold... READ MORE

Hoarders Face Fire Damage

Hoarding is already a difficult issue to face, not only as a home owner, but as a mitigator. Add a fire into the mix, and it might feel like returning the space... READ MORE

Hoarding, Mold, Trash...A Challenging Combination

Where there are piles of trash, there is sure to be mold to follow. There is no job too big for our team, but we certainly don't shy away from any kind of chall... READ MORE

Deck the Halls with...Lots of Water?

It might as well have been a mitigation vacation when our SERVPRO crews responded to a +9 story water loss in Towson. A multitude of apartments and businesses h... READ MORE

You Can See Clearly Now That Rebuild is Done

You know that when it comes to handling damage or a loss to your home or business, SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor should be on speed dial. But what happens... READ MORE

Keep inside dry and moisture outside.

Mold can be found almost anywhere. Mold can grow as long as moisture and oxygen is present. It is almost impossible to eliminate all mold and mold spores in an ... READ MORE

You have a sub pump so you're safe, right?!

Even thought you have a sub pump it doesn't mean your safe from flooding. Even sub pumps can fail. Even with regular care they can fail but the odds are in your... READ MORE

Yuck, Fire Extinguisher Dust. Is it safe to clean up?

There are several types of fire extinguishers. Some you can clean up yourself, some you really shouldn't. If you use a dry chemical extinguisher it's recommend... READ MORE

It's not always the flames from a fire that do the damage.

Check out the photos . The heat from a fire in that stared in the fireplace disposal shoot damaged the bathroom. You can see how it melted the counter top. SERV... READ MORE

It's the Water you don't see that can do the most damage.

The faster water is removed , the less chance of serious damage. When you have water on your carpets it's just not the first layer you need to dry that is the m... READ MORE

Odor from a Fire; you need more than a spray.

When you look at these two pictures I bet you don't see a big difference. I can you for the owners it was. They could barely stand being in their kitchen as wel... READ MORE

If you're a Treatment Center you need help as soon as possible, so you can help people as soon as possible.

This flooded first floor of a Treatment center for Addiction was extensive. They were counting on us to get them back in the business of treating people. SERVPR... READ MORE

When you need more than a bucket and a mop.

Even if your business has a regular janitorial staff, most are not prepared for when disaster happens. The staff is usually trained in maintenance and daily cle... READ MORE

Sometime you can't see it but it's there.

These pictures aren't able to show you what was going on with this disaster because you can't see it with your eye. This charitable housing had an out break of ... READ MORE

Storm Water isn't like your tap water.

This business is located near a harbor. What happens when the water gets too much, you guessed it ....it over flows the docks. Businesses try to do the best the... READ MORE

"Rain, rain go way", if we could only sing the rain away.

This owner didn't realize the was rain seeping in through cracks in his flooring until, "squish" went the carpet downstairs. Rain will find a way in your house ... READ MORE

Storms never happen at a good time!

Can you imagine getting your dream house build and a storm comes in and damages it before it's even finished? It happens. Storms don't wait for a good time to h... READ MORE

Sometimes it looks even better than before.

This commercial hotel had significant water damage due to a faulty sprinkler line. SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor was there to help get the emergency mitig... READ MORE

We don't just guess if your building is dry.

SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor wouldn't just guess that your business or home was dry after they removed the water. SERVPRO uses up-to-date equipment to me... READ MORE

Damage from a Fire sometimes can't be seen.

I bet you might be thinking; I see no difference in the before or after pictures, right? Well if those pictures could be like a scratch and sniff picture you s... READ MORE

There are all kinds of damage from a Wind Storm.

I know most people think of a wind storm and they think the damage is , trees down, shutters flying off the house etc. But all kinds of damage can happen in a w... READ MORE

How do you know a wall is wet when it looks dry?

Many people will ask SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor how can they know that moisture is present when it looks dry to the eye? There has been a great advance... READ MORE

Not all soot from a fire is the same.

Removing soot after a fire may not be as easy as you might think. Where as natural fires are the easiest to remove soot from, for example wood or paper, most f... READ MORE